"Family Friendly Entertainment at the Jersey Shore!"

– Cap’t Miggs

Our Story

Celebrating our ninth year of success at the Jersey Shore!

A quick glance back into the our history, returns us to 2010 when an idea was born from a love of the water and the desire to create a safe vessel for my family. A small sketch drafted on copy paper while sitting at the kitchen table became the first step in engineering our success. From the hands of the engineer emerged the SS Jersey Girl, a patented vessel that became a ticket for adventure. The adventure would reach well beyond my family and extends to yours. The original and only Pirate Island Adventure, recreating the pirate legends and lore of the Jersey Shore.

2018 – Growing the Business

2017 – A Treasure to Share

This year our success in the community has made us the most popular Pirate attraction at the Jersey Shore. With that success, we have decided to offer you the 2016 low pirate fare in 2017. This year we will reach out beyond our community to Shark Tank, The Ellen Show and MSNBC “Your Business” with JJ Romberg and Channel 12 “Spotlight NJ.” We are offering an opportunity to bring our idea to others at a minimal cost as long as they adhere to our policy of special needs, children cancer patients with parents and the military travel for free.

2016 – An Even Better Adventure

This year our adventure saw more pirates, more battles and more cannons… the best and only Pirate Island Adventure! Franchise opportunities are available as we prepare an for even greater adventure.

2015 – A Banner Year

We celebrated our 5th anniversary! We also paired this moment with our 1,000 launch of the SS Jersey Girl. Thanks to Manasquan Bank for believing in our adventure, we partnered for success.

2014 – Media Celebrity Status

We are a small business with big ideas and while we never met Snooki at the Jersey Shore, legendary Lou Russo of 94.3 The Point recognized that being a Pirate is not an easy job. We always work hard to provide you with the best adventures at the Jersey Shore.

2013 – Our First Pirate Wedding

We are committed to our goal of providing the best experiences.  Our commitment inspired another commitment in sharing a beautiful, Treasure Island pirate wedding.

2012 – A Great Discovery

With a safe, clean environment and plenty of parking, we quickly became a camp favorite.

2011 – Celebrating Our Inaugural Year

It was a growing experience. We had the vessel, now to perfect the performance and decor. Arrr… Matey.

2010 – The Beginning of an Idea

We are the Best and Only Pirate Island Adventure

We aren’t the best because we think so, we are the best because we have seen your smiles!