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We are working with camps across the tri-state area!  We simply offer our best prices and opportunities for any size group.  Clean, safe friendly environment with ample parking and access to all major highways are an added bonus to the best Pirate Ship Adventure at the Jersey Shore!

We have quickly become a camp favorite among the Jersey Shore and elsewhere!

  • Arrive 30 minutes early for “Check-In” in our 3000 sq. ft. Pirate Village.
  • Receive Pirate Stickers, Tattoos and ID Badge
  • Prepare for Pirate Training
  • Board the SS Jersey Girl with Captain’s Approval
  • Receive Pirate Training
  • Fire Water Cannons at Attacking Pirates
  • Discover a Treasure Map
  • Defend the Ship & Share in the Pirate Treasure
  • Enjoy a Pirate Dance Party

A larger group = more fun for everyone! We can accommodate your large or smaller camp or recreation group. Your pirate ship adventure begins when you arrive in our pirate village. All Mateys should 30 minutes early for complimentary pirate training. We need to get every would-be pirate in ship-shape before the great adventure which includes tattoos, stickers, and official pirate ID.

Once our first mates have gathered all the would-be pirates in the village, they await the Captain’s call to board the ship and receive their pirate training. Once we are underway… we will travel along the beautiful Manasquan river to attempt to locate the pirate treasure map lost for hundreds of years.

After we locate the map, we will navigate our ship near Treasure Island and recover the bounty, but BEWARE! All the pirates are not dead and will attack when they discover someone has stolen their treasure. Defend the S.S. Jersey Girl with the soaking, broadside water cannons and protect your loot. When you return to shore, stand ready for a photo op to remember this Jersey Shore treasured experience.

CALL for availability – Reservations are REQUIRED. If booking more than one adventure, contact us for discount pricing.

Privateer Package5-15$299.00Non-Private$100.00
The Lookout Package15-30$599.00Non-Private$150.00
Mini-Pirate Rec Special5-20$575.00Private$100.00
SS Jersey Girl Rec Special20-49$749PrivateNot Included
Capt Jeff Pizza Special20-49$895PrivateIncluded